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Wondering where to buy sod in the Atlanta metropolitan area? At Georgia Landscaper Network, we specialize in sod delivery and sod installation. Our local Atlanta sod company can handle all your sod needs, contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your sod turf grass questions. Our expert staff can help you place your Palisades Zoysia turf grass order, and schedule your sod delivery and sod installation today. We only carry the best quality sod at the best sod prices. Our Atlanta sod specialists are devoted to providing exceptional customer service. Contact us today we are here to help you with all your sod needs.


Palisades Zoysia 

Palisades zoysia deliveryPalisades Zoysia is a beautiful turf grass that is ideal for high traffic areas due to its fast regrowth rate. This turf grass is a dark green color with a medium broad textured blade. Palisades Zoysia has low water and fertilizer needs, making it a great grass for areas where watering may not be an option. Environmental benefits of the sod grass are that the grass is salt tolerant, heat tolerant, cold hardy, and the most drought tolerant of all types of Zoysia turf grasses.  In addition, it is a very cold hardy turf grass, and highly disease and insect resistant.

Palisades forms a thick ground cover, and can be mowed to ½ an inch in height. Palisades is a very popular variety of turf grass due to its low maintenance requirements, and especially due to the rise in severe weather conditions where watering might be restricted or banned.


Types of Zoysia Grass

Palisades Zoysia TurfPalisades Zoysia is ideal for home lawns due to its tolerance to high traffic, fast establishment and regrowth rate, and thick cover. It is a very thick grass and crowds out any weeds, so it is ideal for areas in which weeds are a problem, and little maintenance budget or time is available. It is also recommended for commercial properties, parks, highway medians, and other recreation areas since it is a very economical turf grass that produces exceptional results with little to no maintenance. Its tolerance to low mowing heights makes it an ideal turf grass for golf courses.

Sod Farm

You know Georgia Landscaper Network is where to buy sod, and that we have the highest quality sod, and unbeatable sod prices—we are the choice for sod delivery and sod installation too. Georgia Landscaper Network gets our sod directly from local sod farms; this is how we can guarantee the highest quality products around. To keep the cost of sod low, we only work with the best sod farmers in the area, this is how we can guarantee our products, sod delivery, and sod installation.

Installing Sod

We recommend you have your sod installation completed by our professionals; each of our Atlanta sod professionals has many years’ experience, and will do the job right the first time. Laying sod is hard work, and must be done properly to ensure the longevity of your new turf grass. Leave the backbreaking work to us, having your sod installation professionally completed is the only hassle-free way to get the lawn you have always wanted.

Contact us with any questions you have about the maintenance of your new turf grass, our experts are available to answer your questions before, during, and after your sod installation is complete. Our professionals take the time to explain the process, and make sure you understand what is required to keep you brand new turf grass looking its best.

Sod Installation Prices in Atlanta

Palisades Zoysia Sod FarmContact us to order your Palisades Zoysia, set up your sod delivery, and schedule your sod installation today, it’s fast and easy to do, and always on your schedule. Our friendly staff is here to help you every step of the way, they can explain the process of sod installation, and help you make sure the sod you choose will do well on the soil on your property. At Georgia Landscaper Network, we are dedicated to our customers and strive to provide excellent customer services to everyone we serve. Offering quality products, professional sod delivery and sod installation, and affordable sod prices are what we do best, call us today, we can handle all your turf grass needs.

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