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We are specialists in the sale, delivery, and installation of sod turf grass including the gold standard of Zoysia, Meyer Zoysia. Your hunt for where to buy sod in metro Atlanta has ended; Georgia Landscaper Network is the company for all your sod turf grass needs. Georgia Landscaper Network will take care of your sod delivery and sod installation professionally, affordably, and quickly. We carry only the highest quality sod at incredibly affordable sod prices. We are available to answer all your sod related questions, contact us today!

About Meyer Zoysia in metro Atlanta

Meyer Zoysia can be thought of as the gold standard of Zoysia turf grass varieties, Meyer Zoysia sod grass is a medium textured turf grass that grows in densely and is medium to light green in color. It has a good tolerance to hot and cold conditions and is resistant to insects and disease. Its rich green color creates a dense ground cover, which crowds out weeds, making Meyer Zoysia a favorite for metro Atlanta lawns. This sod grass tolerates traffic and wears well and requires a medium-low amount of maintenance.

Meyer Zoysia Atlanta’s turf grass performs at its best in full sunlight and can tolerate some shade; it will not thrive in areas with continuous shade. Meyer Zoysia’s also help stop erosion on slopes, making it more suitable for sloping areas such as on golf courses, hilly parks, and on other sloping landscapes. Meyer Zoysia can be grown in colder areas than most of its Zoysia grass family.

Recommended Uses of Meyer Zoysia Sod GrassMeyer Zoysia Sod

Meyer Zoysia grass in metro Atlanta Georgia has a high traffic tolerance, so it is also ideal for commercial properties, residential yards, golf courses, and other sports fields. It has excellent cold tolerance, so it might be suitable in areas where other Zoysia’s would not thrive. This turf grass is perfect for metro Atlanta backyards and parks due to its lush, thick ground cover and soft feel. This turf grass also does well in many types of soils; however, it preforms best in soils that are not hard packed.

Meyer Zoysia Atlanta: Purchase, Delivery, and Installation Prices

If you’re sold on the gold standard of buying Atlanta Zoysia turf grass, Meyer Zoysia, we are ready to help you place your order, set up your sod delivery, and schedule your sod installation. Contact us today if you think Meyer Zoysia is perfect for your needs, and we can take care of all the details for you.Meyer Zoysia Sod Farm

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By working with local Georgia sod farms, we are able to bring our customers the freshest, healthiest sod available. We deliver the grass directly from the local Atlanta sod farms, and install it right away to ensure that your new turf grass establishes quickly and remains healthy and beautiful. We keep the cost of sod low for our customers.

Precise sod installation is vital to guarantee the sod established quickly and properly on your property. Having sod installation in Atlanta done by a landscaping professional is the only way to ensure the job is done correctly the first time, without extra cost and hassle. Let your Atlanta Sod professionals deliver, prep and install your new turf grass, contact us today and get the lawn you’ve always wanted.

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Meyer Zoysia DeliveryWhen you want fast, reliable Atlanta sod delivery and expert sod installation, you want Georgia Landscaper Network to do the job. Contact us to order your Meyer Zoysia turf grass, schedule a delivery, and set up your sod installation; you’ll be glad you did. Call us today, we are glad to take care of all your turf grass needs. Georgia Landscaper Network is dedicated to providing quality products, excellent customer service, and outstanding professional services; we hope to hear from you soon.


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