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Empire Zoysia Grass

Empire Turf AtlantaFor the warm season there is no comparison to Empire Turf. Empire Zoysia grass is one of the best types of sod for sale. The signature turf grass’s dark green color is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. On top of its beautiful color, it is soft, thick, and disease and drought resistant. Empire turf grass is the top choice for many commercial and sport companies, and it is a perfect choice for your home or property. Georgia Landscaper Network offers Empire turf sod installation, sod delivery; we can even schedule Empire Zoysia maintenance and care. Empire zoysia Cost

At Georgia Landscaper Network, we have all the supplies and materials you will need for soil prep, site prep, and grass installation. We offer top-notch Atlanta sod delivery and Atlanta sod installation. Our professionals can help you with Empire Zoysia maintenance, Empire Zoysia grass installation, and Empire Zoysia turf installation. Browse our many types of Zoysia, we have the best Zoysia sod available in the Atlanta metro area because we have a local Zoysia sod farm, and are a certified Zoysia sod distributer.

Empire Zoysia SodOur Empire Zoysia sod prices are always affordable, and we have the best selection of Empire turf sod for sale. We are not just a Zoysia grass company; we are a full service sod company and have a wide range of supplies, materials, and services available to you at reasonable sod prices. We are #1 in Atlanta sod installation, and have the fastest and most affordable Atlanta sod delivery available. Our attention to detail, low Empire sod prices, and professional sod installation professions will leave you delighted with your new grass lawn. With empire Zoysia sod, compared to all the lawns in your neighborhood, your lawn will be the most beautiful and healthy.

Empire Zoysia Price

Empire Zoysia AtlantaEmpire Zoysia grass is known for its low maintenance, and durability. Empire Zoysia grass and Empire Zoysia turf  are among the few types of grass that perform well in all zones, these types of sod thrive in warmer temperatures. While Empire Zoysia grass might not be the best grass for shade, with enough sunlight intermittently it does do fine in shade.

Out of the many types of Zoysia grass available Empire Zoysia grass is the best Zoysia grass in appearance and performance. It needs less water than other types of sod, making it a top choice among homeowners. Empire grass is an exceptional choice and value due to its durability, beauty, and low maintenance; you are sure to be happy when you choose empire grass for your lawn.


How to Lay Sod

Empire Zoysia DeliveryWhat is sod? How is sodding your lawn different from simply planting grass seed? What are the steps to installing sod in my yard? These are all questions you may be asking yourself concerning your desire to have a beautiful green lawn. To start answering these common questions, sod is professionally grown grass that is grown at a local Empire sod farm. After reaching its peak maturity, the sod is cut, rolled into manageable units, and then an Empire sod supplier or empire sod distributor then picks up the ready to deliver sod from the local sod farm to deliver to their customers. The sod grass company then takes care of the Empire sod delivery, or Empire turf delivery. From the Empire sod farm to the Empire sod installation, the process only takes a matter of days.

Laying Sod

There are many benefits of sodding when compared to planting grass seed. First, with sod you will have a lawn that is ready to be walked on in a matter of weeks as opposed to a matter of months. Second, professionals grow sod, so you don’t have to worry about the health of the sod you are putting in your yard. Since sodding is taking mature turf that has been grown and cared for by a skilled professional, you are more likely to have success when using sod as opposed to seeding for new grass lawns.

How to Lay  Sod

To ensure the life and health of your new sod lawn you will need to properly do or have done the following: soil preparation, site preparation, and turf/sod installation. It does not matter whether you are planning to do it yourself, or have a professional take care of the work for you each of these steps are imperative to the health and beauty of your lawn.

You will find that at Georgia Landscaper Network we have all the supplies, materials, sod, and professionals that you will need. From selecting your new sod, to sod delivery, to sod installation, as well as to ensure the life of your new grass for years to come we are the right place for all your sod needs. For care and maintenance, we have everything you need to have the most beautiful lawn around.

Our sod delivery is fast and affordable. In addition, we deliver all of supplies and materials right to your door. Let us do the work for you, we have a large network of sod installation professionals that can help you plan, prep, install, and maintain your new lawn.

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