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buy centipede sodCentipede sod is a popular type of sod grasses. Centipede grass requires little maintenance and can grow in less than perfect soil. Centipede grass also likes full sun. This turfgrass is slow growing so it is ideal for low maintenance lawns and lining driveways and walkways.

Georgia Landscaper Network is the place to find Atlanta sod for sale at great sod prices. We are more than a sod supplier; we offer affordable sod delivery, grass installation, sod installation, turf installation, a variety of sod supplies, plus we have all you will need for Centipede care and maintenance.

centipede sodCentipede sod grows best in the southeast; Atlanta is where Centipede turf grass grows best. Centipede grass also requires very little water making it a perfect choice for water conservation. This type of sod is ideal to use for landscaping. Due to its durability and slow growth Centipede grass helps reduce and eliminate soil erosion.


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What is sod and how is sodding your lawn different than planting grass seed? What are the steps to installing sod in lawns? These are all questions you may be asking yourself concerning your Centipede sod and Atlanta Centipede sod installation. A professional sod grower grows Centipede Sod at a local Georgia sod farm. Upon reaching its maturity, the sod is cut and packaged into specifically sized rolls or squares.

Our Atlanta Centipede supplier or sod distributor next picks up the sod that is ready for delivery. After leaving the Georgia sod farm, the sod is then delivered to the customers for sod installation. Our Atlanta sod company then takes care of the sod delivery, or turf delivery. From Georgia sod farms to your new sod installation, the process only takes a matter of days.


Centipede Sod DeliveryBenefits –¬†Atlanta Sod Installation

A main benefit of choosing sod installation compared to planting grass seed is a much shorter process overall. After Centipede installation, you will have a lawn that is ready in a matter of weeks as opposed to a matter of months. Professionals grow sod, not you, so it is more likely that the sod will be successfully installed into yards or properties.


How to Lay Sod & Sod Installationcost of centipede sod

Soil preparation, site preparation, and turf/sod installation are the main steps to ensure the life of your new grass. Whether you are planning to do it yourself, or if you are planning to have a professional do the work these steps are imperative to the health and beauty of your lawn.

You will find that at Georgia Landscaper Network we have all the supplies, materials, sod, and professionals that you will need for proper Centipede sod installation and maintenance. From selecting your new sod, to sod delivery, to sod installation our Atlanta sod installation professionals are available to answers all of your questions.

Our metro Atlanta Centipede delivery is fast and affordable. In addition, we deliver all of supplies and materials right to your door. Let us do the work for you, we have a large network of sod installation professionals that can help you plan, prep, install, and maintain your new lawn. Contact us today to discuss your sod choices, installation prices, or learn more about sod in general; we are always here to help.

We have a large selection of types of sod for sale, and we maintain the best sod prices, including Centipede prices in the Atlanta Metro area. We rank at the top of the list for Atlanta sod installation, and Atlanta sod delivery. Please use Georgia Landscaper Network for all your centipede sodding supplies, sod delivery, and sod installation needs.

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