Georgia Landscaper Network now offers special discounts on pine straw, mulch, and decorative stone landscaping supplies. Prices on landscape materials can vary depending on the quantity of landscape material purchased and the distance of delivery.

rock bed installations georgiaDecorative landscape rock is a more permanent solution to flower bed maintenance and weed control. Red rock, lava rock, and pea gravel give a nice contrast to neighboring plants when using inside the flower beds. Egg rock and slate chips are an excellent landscaping material to use in your lawns pathways and walkways. Flagstone rocks make great stepping stones for your landscaped walkways.pathway installations atlanta



Installing fresh long needle pine straw into your existing landscaping beds will help with weed control and plant health. Pine straw helps to insulate your landscape plants from extreme temperatures and moisture loss.

pine straw bed installations

Prevent and maintain weed control in flower beds by using a landscaping fabric specifically designed to hinder weed growth while also allowing water to seep through.

All woven landscape fabric is made of woven materials that are safe to place around new or existing plants and shrubs.

granite rock installations atlanta

Georgia Landscaper Network offers several quarry fresh granite rock varieties like surge stone, rip rap, crusher run, #57 stone, and m-10.  Crusher run and #57 stone are a more cost effective way to gravel large areas such as driveways and parking lots.

Spruce up your flower beds and garden by mixing in screened topsoil as a soil additive. This will help loosen the soil for planting while also giving fresh nutrients to the plants. Georgia Landscaper Network can help you with top soil delivery and installation services.

River sand is great for top dressing turf grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede.

mulch installations in georgiaMixing river sand in with topsoil is a great way to supplement your existing lawns soil composition. Georgia red clay can be a harsh environment for your newly installed landscaping plants and garden vegetables. Try this technique to ensure your plants healthy growth and longevity.






You can save big on all of your landscaping supplies and landscape material by contacting Georgia Landscaper Network today for the best prices on delivery and installation services.


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