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Georgia Landscaper Network is Atlanta’s most affordable lawn care maintenance company. You can think of us as a lawn maintenance company, a landscaping company, an irrigation company, and a sprinkler company rolled into one huge network of lawn maintenance service providers and contractor firms. Our qualified local landscape service providers and contractor firms will help turn your landscaping ideas into reality.

Our lawn care company offers services for all your lawn care needs such as, pruning, hedge trimming, mowing, grass care, planting, and landscape lighting. All of these services are important to the establishment and upkeep of a beautiful landscaped lawn. Georgia Landscaper Network has the best landscapers, lawn service providers, and gardeners to make keeping your landscaped lawn beautiful and healthy all year long.


Pruning and Hedge Trimming

Pruning and hedge trimming are important to keeping your landscaped yard healthy and looking beautiful; however, it can be time consuming and hard work. Let our experienced lawn care professionals do the work for you. Our lawn care company’s pruning and hedge trimming professionals have the expertise, equipment, and experience to do the job right, every time. Your hedges and shrubs will be pruned and trimmed at the right time, using the best tools and the best techniques to ensure your plants will be their healthiest throughout the year.  Whether you need a landscaping touchup, a full landscaping transformation, or want to schedule weekly, monthly, or annual services for pruning and hedge trimming, Georgia Landscaper Network is your #1 lawn maintenance company choice.




A freshly mowed and well-manicured lawn gives enhances your home’s curb appeal. Mowing landscaped lawns can be overwhelming, requiring expensive equipment and equipment maintenance to keep the equipment running their best. When it comes to mowing, a sharp blade is key to grass care, and peak lawn health. Our lawn care company’s landscapers and contractors always use the right mower, and most knowledgeable landscapers and lawn service professionals for your mowing needs.


Grass Care Services

Proper grass care can be complicated and includes grading, irrigation, sprinkler system, erosion control, aerating your grass, and fertilization. Grass care is imperative to establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Grading, erosion control, and irrigation are essential to your lawn’s long life, our landscaping company has a number of grading erosion control, and irrigation professional service providers and contractors who will ensure that they be properly done.  Our lawn maintenance company has most knowledgeable network of landscaping professions that will provide you with an amazing looking lawn. Check out our turf grass page to learn more about how affordable and easy turf grass can be; as well as information about aerating your grass and proper fertilization.  Whether you are looking for lawn care company, an irrigation company, a sprinkler company, or a lawn maintenance company, Georgia Landscaping Network has affordable local landscape and lawn services, and contractor firms to fit your grass care needs.


Planting Services

Tree planting, and flower, shrub, and gardening planting are all part of getting the landscaped look you want. Tree planting can add privacy, shade, and beauty to your landscaped lawn, our expert arborists will help you with designing, plan, and complete your tree planting project. Consulate with our landscaping experts to get the look you want that will also fit your timeline and budgeting requirements. Tree planting, as well as flower, shrub, and gardening planting is a great investment and will create a beautiful look that will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment, as well as increase the value of your home or property. Check out our landscape plants pages, and learn more about the many planting options for trees, shrubs, and flowers.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can add beauty, safety, security and increase your property value. Well-placed landscape lighting can emphasize well-designed landscape features, highlight interesting architecture, statues, or water features. Landscape lighting can increase safety and security by lighting up dark unlit areas and hard to see steps. All of this will increase the value of your home and add increased curb appeal. Georgia Landscaper Network provides the Atlanta Metro area design, instillation, service and repair for all your landscape lighting needs.


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Georgia Landscapers Network is the landscaping company for the Atlanta metro area that offers quality lawn care maintenance services at affordable prices. Use our professional, helpful and experienced landscape contractors and service providers for all your landscaping needs.

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