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Georgia Landscaper Network has a wide variety of shrubs for your landscaping at incredible plant prices. Our metro Atlanta plant nursery offer an extensive selection of landscape shrubs, such as hedges, bushes, and evergreens shrubs. Our local plant nurseries allow us to keep our plant cost low; therefore, we pass the savings to customers by always offering exceptional plant prices.

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Georgia Landscaper Network is a full service landscaping company and an affordable place for purchasing landscaping and garden supplies. Make sure to check out our landscaping materials where we offer a variety of landscape supplies, landscape plants, and anything else you will need to keep your landscaping in top shape.

Atlanta Plant NurseriesWe also have a sizable network of landscaping service providers and contractors who specialize in shrub planting, plant installation, landscape design, and irrigation. Contact Georgia Landscaper Network for a quote on landscape plants, or for more information about plant installation services.


Landscaping Plants

Atlanta Plant NurseryLandscape shrubs can be used to ad character or even privacy to your landscaping.

Evergreens are great landscaping plants that can be effective privacy shrubs. Some popular types of evergreen shrubs include holly, ligustrum, and nandina.

Holly shrubs are evergreens known for their glossy leaves with spiked ends, and there bright red berries. Nandina shrubs are evergreens that change colors in the fall and have autumn berries. Nandina shrubs have lacy leaves that are thought to resemble the leaves of a bamboo plant, earning it the nickname, Heavenly Bamboo. Other popular evergreen shrubs include juniper and cleyera shrubs. Planting juniper on embankments helps with erosion control. Cleyera shrubs are soft to the touch, and are a good plant for full sun to partial shade.

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Flowering Plants

Flowering shrubs are an excellent way to add color and beauty to your landscaping. We have a wide variety of flowering shrubs, bushes, and hedges you are sure some landscaping plants that are perfect for you.

The hydrangea come in a vast array of colors including white, pink, light purple, dark purple, red, and blue. These beautifully blooming bushes are excellent garden plants due to the beautiful flowers. Viburnum flowering shrubs are an extremely popular shrub famous for their beautiful flowers and often have a pleasant scent. Other popular flowering shrubs include roses, camellias, and azaleas.

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Our landscaping plants are available from various metro Atlanta plant nurseries. Plant delivery is available for all of our shrubs, bushes, and hedges. Georgia Landscaper Network welcomes any landscaping questions. Give us a call today to talk with one of our landscaping / planting experts. Whether you are in the market to purchase shrubs, or have shrubs installed, please consider using Georgia Landscaper Network for all of your metro Atlanta landscaping needs.


Buy Plants AtlantaTypes of Shrubs

Ornamental shrubs are an easy way to add color and elegance to your existing landscaping. From dwarf shrubs, to larger privacy hedges, Georgia Landscaper Network has a vast selection of landscaping plants. For DIY, we offer the best prices on plant delivery. Want a professional landscaper in Atlanta to do all the work? No problem, Georgia Landscaper Network is here to help you with all of your landscaping questions and concerns.

Evergreen Shrubs

Azaleas are beautiful ornamental bushes, many cities in the United States hold azalea festivals to celebrate the azalea blooms. Azaleas are colorful bushes that bloom in a variety of colors including white, blue, purple, pink, red, and orange. Ligustrum shrubs can serve as attractive privacy hedges and have beautiful white blooms. Ligustrums stay green all year and make excellent landscaping plants. You can buy these shrubs and many other varieties at our metro Atlanta plant nursery.

Flowering Shrubs

The loropetalum is another beautiful shrub that will add color and volume to your landscaping. Purple pixie loropetalum stay small, whereas other varieties such as the ruby lorpetalum grow to a nice maturity of 3-5 feet if untrimmed. Knock out roses are a colorful accent, and make beautiful landscaping plants. K/O or knock out roses come in different colors such as red, pink, and white.

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You are sure to find the best landscape shrubs, bushes, or hedges for all your residential or commercial landscaping needs. Georgia Landscaper Network offers affordable shrub installation services all throughout the metro Atlanta area. Our Atlanta Plant Nursery offers a plant delivery service to DIY homeowners, contractors, and other landscape professionals. Turn your landscaping plan into reality by letting our landscapers and contractors help you through landscaping design, plant delivery, or plant installation services.

Make sure you check out our landscape materials page to find all the supplies you need for your shrubs, or house plants. We have excellent prices on items such as pine straw, mulch, soil, fill dirt, and products for weed control in flower beds. Also, make sure to browse our selection of landscape trees, and shrubs. Our shrub prices, tree prices, and flower prices are always affordable.


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