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Georgia Landscaper Network offers on site consultations on new sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, irrigation, drainage problems, and decorative water features in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Keeping your sprinkler system running efficiently will help keep your lawn beautiful while also maintaining an affordable water bill. Georgia Landscaper Network can help you with irrigation system problems ranging from  programming your controller to fixing leaky sprinkler valves. Broken sprinkler heads are generally an easy repair, however if neglected over time, can be quite costly. We offer lawn sprinkler service work on all of the major irrigation brands.

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You can prevent future problems with your lawns irrigation system by allowing Georgia Landscaper Network to check the sprinkler system each season to ensure it is operating properly.  Seasonal sprinkler system maintenance such as spring start up and fall winterization can help keep your irrigation system from developing costly repairs. Troubleshooting your sprinkler system problems can be difficult without the help of a professional irrigation technician. To save yourself time and money, please consider calling Georgia Landscaper Network today to handle all of your sprinkler maintenance, repair, and irrigation needs.

How to Adjust Sprinkler Your System

Georgia Landscaper Network can help you maintain a recommended watering schedule by programming your irrigation electronic control box. It is fairly simple to adjust the required watering time per irrigation zone and the day in which the sprinkler system is set to water. Programming your sprinkler system control timer is crucial in controlling your sprinkler systems operating efficiency. You can avoid over-watering your lawn on rainy days by letting Georgia Landscaper Network install an electronic rain sensor into your existing irrigation controls.

Rainwater Harvesting

Atlanta Sprinkler Company

Rain water recycling and gray water storage is an environmentally friendly way to irrigate your lawn and garden. Underground rainwater and runoff storage tanks provide excellent sources for operating a green irrigation system. Georgia Landscaper Network offers several green alternatives in regards to irrigation and sprinkler system installations.

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French Drain

Fix your storm run off and drainage problems by having Georgia Landscaper Network install an underground drainage system. French drains and drain boxes help channel the water away from the problem area. Gutter downspout adapters and underground ADS drainage pipe help channel the bulk of the storm water away from your house.

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