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Georgia Landscaper Network has a vast selection of trees for sale and wholesale trees that are grown in our local Georgia tree nurseries. We offer wholesale trees, and a tree delivery service in Metro Atlanta. Our tree company offers a large selection of tree supplies for all your tree planting needs. In addition to our Georgia tree nursery and tree delivery, our tree company has a large network of landscaping contractors and service providers that specialize in tree planting, and tree revitalization and restoration of landscape. Georgia Landscaper Network is the place to buy trees, get tree prices, wholesale tree farms, and other landscaping plants.

Carolina Sapphire TreeThrough our tree company and plant company, you can select from a huge variety of trees and landscaping plants. You can choose to have our experienced landscape  contractors professionally install your plant selection to fit your needs. Our Georgia tree planting contractors are landscaping experts who are happy to help you in the planning, designing, budgeting, and planting process. They can even help you chose the perfect landscape plants that will complement your selected trees. Don’t forget to check out our Landscaping Materials page to find products to get your landscaped yard looking its best.

We have a large selection of trees from our Georgia tree farms, and tree nurseries. You can choose from a selection of shade trees, privacy trees, flowering trees, and easily buy trees online. You are sure to find the landscaping trees that fit your needs. Some types of shade trees include: Maple trees, Oak trees, Poplar trees, and Elm trees. Privacy trees are extremely popular and include many types of evergreens like the Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, and the Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia. Our large selection makes it easy to buy privacy trees. There are many beautiful and colorful flowering trees, such as the Dogwood, Magnolia, and Crape Myrtle trees.

 Shade Trees

buy trees Shade trees are highly sought after trees due to their beauty, and their potential to increase property value and save on energy costs. Shade trees come in a variety colors and sizes; therefore, you are sure to find a type of shade trees that you will love. Trees for sale on Georgia Landscaper Network are sure to look fantastic on your property.

Maples are an excellent shade tree and come in a variety of colors. Red Maple, October Glory Maple, and Summer Red Maples are excellent shade trees that will surly look fantastic in your landscaped lawn. Maple trees come in a wide assortment of sizes, depending on the species, they range in size from 15 feet all the way to above 30 feet, so you are sure to find a Maple tree that fits your size and/or color requirement.

Oak trees are another excellent choice of shade trees. Oak trees are known for their long life, sturdiness, and beauty. Some  large Oak trees produce acorns and have an expanding crown that is ideal for shade. Oak trees are quite tall trees, the shortest being 40 feet, and the largest growing to over an impressive 100 feet.  Check out these popular oaks: Nuttall Oak tree, Pin Oak, Shumard Oak, Red Oak tree, and the Willow Oak tree. Since our Georgia tree farms have such a large collection of oak trees, you are sure to find the perfect Oak tree for your lawn.

Other popular types of shade trees include the Tulip Poplar, the Princeton Elm the Village Green, the Zelkova, the Japanese Styrex, the Dura Heat Riverburch, and the Ginko. We have a wide selection of wholesale trees for sale through the Georgia Landscaper Network. Our discount tree prices are sure to satisfy your needs. We offer tree delivery from our local plant nurseries and Georgia tree farms.

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 Privacy Trees In Metro Atlanta, Georgia

buy privacy treesFast growing privacy trees are a perfect way to add a feeling of seclusion from nearby neighbors. They are also a superb solution for blocking noise, as well as a great alternative to unappealing fences. These fast growing evergreen trees can average growth of over 5 feet a year. These trees are not only fast growers, but also they are resistant to disease and pests, and they are hardy enough to withstand the cold Georgia winters.  On top of being fast growing and resilient, they are also beautiful all year long.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees

Privacy trees come in many different sizes and heights; they range from thin to quite bushy. With such a broad selection of privacy trees to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal privacy tree for your property. The most popular evergreens that act as fast growing privacy trees are the Green Giant Arborvitae, Leyland Cypress, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Thuja, Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia, and the Little Gem Magnolia. You can now buy privacy trees at wholesale prices in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

buy trees onlineThe Holly and Cryptomeria species are also an excellent choice for privacy. Holly trees are excellent privacy trees that are remarkably easy to grow. The Cryptomeria tree is tall and thick; it will provide an excellent privacy wall for your property. The most popular varieties of these types of privacy trees are the Nellie R Stevens Holly, the Mary Nell Holly, the  Yoshino Cryptomeria, and the Radicans Cryptomeria.

Other common types of evergreen privacy trees are the Deodora Cedar, the Spartan Juniper, and the Carolina Sapphire. Check out our wide variety of privacy trees. Remember we offer tree delivery, and our landscape contractors can help you buy trees, design your landscaping, and complete the tree planting.

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Flowering Trees

buy trees georgiaFlowering trees are bright and fragrant and will undoubtedly add beauty and increase your property value. Our wide variety of flowering trees are grown in our local Georgia tree nurseries and Atlanta tree farms. You can be sure to find the right trees for you. You can select trees in your favorite colors. Flowering trees come in colors such as red, blue, purple, pink, orange, and many more. Many fruit trees are also flowering trees.

Flowering Cherry trees are tremendously popular, and bloom beautifully in the sprint time. They come in many colors and are hardy trees that do well in the Georgia climate. Some popular types of Cherry trees are the Yoshino Cherry, and the Double Pink Weeping Cherry.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle trees are among the most popular flowering trees, and come in a variety of colors such as purple, pink, white, and red. These beautiful trees are also tough; they are disease resistant, and moderately drought tolerant. These trees lovely flowers can bloom for up to 4 months. When you are ready to buy trees, some highly desired Myrtles include the Sioux Crape Myrtle, the Tonto Crape Myrtle, the Dynamite Crape Myrtle, and the Tuscarora Crape Myrtle.

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood trees are quite well known for the stunning flowers and vibrant colors. These trees moderately sized trees can fit into any landscape. Two popular types of dogwood trees are the Native Dogwood and the Cherokee Princess Dogwood.

The Red bud is another common flowering tree which produces a beautiful bloom in early spring and thrives in Georgia’s climate.

Make sure to check out these wholesale trees for sale, as well as all the other types of landscaping plants on our shrubs page and flowers pages. If you are in the market to buy trees, plants, or other landscaping materials, please keep us in mind. Thank you for choosing Georgia Landscaper Network for all your tree planting needs.

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